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In Memoriam Margaret Presutti

In Memoriam of Margaret Presutti 

by Philip Stillman


Stillman Injury Law is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Presutti. Margaret and I met in law school August of 1986….we were inseparable ever since. We used to joke about opening a law firm together one day Presutti and  Stillman. Margaret  was not only the best student in law school, editor in chief of the Law review; she turned out to be the smartest lawyer I have ever known. Her ability to synthesize  law concepts devoting relentless hours to researching and her unique way of using persuasive language  made her a brilliant lawyer. Margaret devoted much of her career to public service working for Federal US District Court James C Paine…Judge Paine was kind enough to marry us in May of 1992……
Margaret left her professional career for what she described as the best job she could have ever dreamed of….being a mom to our two beautiful girls Gabby and Maddy…. Margaret died of Breast Cancer at the age of 53.

This firm's  chosen charity is the Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Foundation :
A portion of everything we do will go towards helping with their goal of finding a “cure”.

February 1st, 2024 was the 6th year anniversary of the passing of our beloved Margaret Presutti a true warrior in the fight against cancer. She is truly missed.  


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