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In Memoriam Eliot Bader

Eliot and I met at a law firm in Hollywood, FL in 1988. He was a young lawyer associate and I was the new hire student law clerk... we were instant friends. Eliot left to start his own firm; after graduation I worked for an insurance company. Eliot wanted us to work together and by January of 1994, BaderStillman was born.  We have helped thousands of clients recoup the settlement dollars they deserved; Eliot and I shared so many life experiences always there for each other. While Eliot and I ended our partnership in 2022, we never ended our friendship, respect and love for each other. We were brothers. Eliot died March 8, 2024 at the age of 62... A brilliant lawyer, a great guy, a friend, a brother, Rest in Peace Eliot.

By Philip Stillman


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